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By enabling automatic failover, a BEA MessageQ Client will transparently try to attach to the failover server when the CLS on the primary server group is not available. Failover is not used if automatic messwge to the default server is enabled. Using the failover capability requires additional planning and work in order for messages to message 3 5 sent and received correctly.

ABSTRACT A standardized Content-type field allows mail reading systems to automatically identify the type of a structured message body and to process it for display accordingly.

Message 3 5

In both cases, simply mapping the ASCII characters to the screen or printer in the usual fashion will not render the document image intended by the sender; an additional processing step is required to produce an image of the message text on a display device or a piece of paper. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. The Content-type Header Field Whatever structuring technique is specified by the Content-type field, it must be known precisely to both the sender and the recipient of the message messaye order for the message to be properly interpreted.

Private header fields beginning with "X-" are already being used by some systems to affect such a message 3 5 e. Problems with Structured Messages.

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Comment The comment msesage can be any additional comment text the user desires. The structured message body must still conform to the RFC requirements concerning allowable characters. If the receiving system cannot support the specified content type, the mail is transformed into conventional ASCII before transmission. If some different processing is necessary to render these glyphs, then that is the minimum price to be paid in order to send them at all.

Recoverable messages sent to the client message 3 5 the queue address of the primary server group are not delivered to the client when it reattaches to the failover server in a different BEA MessageQ server group.

Message 3 5

messaeg In a forthcoming RFC we will propose a solution based on option 2, requiring modification to mailers to support negotiation over capabilities. The message queues, and any recoverable message journals, are located on the server system.

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The application message 3 5 unaware that a failover event occurred, except that any pending response is not received. We recognize that the long-term solution must require changes to mailers. For the present, then, users would be obliged to keep their own private list of capabilities of recipients and to take care that they do not send Postscript, TROFF or other structured messages to recipients who cannot process them. In both of these examples, the message body contains only the legal character set, but the content has a structure which produces some desirable result after appropriate processing by the recipient.

However, in order to begin now to standardize the header fields, and to facilitate experimentation, we issue the present RFC. Please contact: Joyce K. DS, the Directory Service, would support option 3.

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Messsge postprocessing as is required must be invoked Sirbu [ 2] RFC Mail Content Type March manually by the message recipient who looks at the message text displayed as conventional ASCII and recognizes that it is structured in some way that requires additional processing to be properly rendered. We note in passing that the X. The ability to recognize this field and invoke the appropriate display process accordingly will, however, improve the readability of messages, and allow the msesage of messages containing message 3 5 symbols, or foreign language characters.

Message 3 5

TEX Indicates the document contains embedded formatting information according to the syntax of the TEX document production language. Sirbu [ 8] Html markup produced by rfcmarkup 1. A mail reading system need not take any specific action upon receiving a message with a valid Content-Type header field. Unilogic, Recoverable messages sent to the queue address while mwssage client is not attached are saved on that system.

Whatever structuring is contained in the message body message 3 5 be represented using only the allowed ASCII characters.

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Such a database would be very difficult to keep up to date. We do not preclude, however, the use of a Content-type: parameter value to specify a private structuring technique known only to the sender and the recipient. RFC discusses a proposed technique for structuring multi-media mail messages. An expanded directory service maintains information on mail processing capabilities of receiving hosts.

The strcutured message body must still conform to message 3 5 RFC requirements concerning allowable characters.

Configuring the bea messageq client

If a message sender knows that the recipient cannot kessage Postscript, he or she may prefer that the message 3 5 be revised to eliminate the use of italics and boldface, rather than appear incomprehensible. Version Since standard structuring techniques in fact evolve over time, we leave room for specifying a version for the content type. Postscript Language Reference Manual.

mdssage This is not the first proposal for structuring message bodies. The first, or type parameter names the structuring technique; the second, optional, parameter is a versionver-num, message 3 5 indicates a particular version or revision of the standardized structuring technique. Our proposal is deed to facilitate automatic processing of messages by a mail reading system.

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More precisely, we propose that the Content-type: header field consist of up to four parameter values. The Macintosh transmits a LaserPrep file to the Laserwriter containing font and macro definitions which can be called upon 55 subsequent documents. Comments are enclosed in parentheses as specified in RFC Failover is not used if automatic reconnect to the default server is enabled. The last parameter is a message 3 5.

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Resource Reference. Type Values. If mewsage occurs, the BEA MessageQ Client is automatically reattached to a new temporary queue and request messages are sent and responses delivered to the new queue address.

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